About laboratory

About a laboratory

‘’Restart Laboratorij’’ (Restart Laboratory) is a programme of education for young authors in Zagreb and Croatia intended to help them with technical execution and content, in order to enable them to make their first documentary films.
Professional directors, cameramen and editors are expertly mentoring authors. Together with their own crew or the one of Restart, authors independently go through the whole process of production of a film, from research, through shooting, to editing.
During the process of production the participants are meeting their mentors in every phase of the work. They have equipment for shooting, sound recording and editing at their disposal.
Restart is on the one hand an assistance facility, and on the other hand a real laboratory where mentors and authors (users) reach creative solutions through a joint effort. Restart offers a help with content and technical execution to anyone who has a good idea and wants to transform it into a documentary film.
This kind of process is an educational training ground for the first steps in filmmaking and additional self-perfecting, as well as preparation for longer documentary films. The programme of Restart Laboratory is open to all who apply and send their ideas for a documentary film. If they have some film experience, they can immediately start with research and production, after agreement with the mentor. If they don’t have any film experience, they will attend one of our educational workshops and continue to work on the film. After the regular workshops are concluded, one part of films is generated from the ideas of participants who want to produce their film. Programme is open to participants of all ages and it’s free!
After finishing the film, Restart laboratory becomes a distributer of the film. LABORATORY specifies that it is a beginner’s work. Film is being promoted on film festivals, web portals and local TV channels.

The basic aim is to develop a documentary way of thinking in authors and to reach a quality and creative documentary film with a minimal intervention of the ‘’mentor’’.

Logo of the Restart laboratory can be downloaded here.