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Restart is an organization focused on production, education, distribution and exhibition of creative documentary films. Restart was founded in 2007. Our films were screened at more than 350 international film festivals such as: Locarno Festival, IDFA, Hot Docs, Karlovy Vary IFF, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Fid Marseille, Zurich Film Festival, DOK Leipzig, Mar del Plata, Jihlava IDFF and others …

Restart runs several film projects - documentary and fiction film production, distribution of documentary films, a documentary cinema and an educational program in documentary film. 


Restart filmography – finished films:

  • * 'SPEAK SO I CAN SEE YOU', director: Marija Stojnić, documentary, 73', 2019, Bilboke (RS), Set Sail Films (RS), Restart (HR), Doha Film Institute (QA), world premiere: IDFA 2019
  • * 'SRBENKA', director: Nebojša Slijepčević, documentary, 72', 2018, Restart (HR), world premiere: Visions du Reel 2018
  • * 'DAYS OF MADNESS', director: Damian Nenadić, documentary, 74', 2018, Restart (HR), Petra Pan Film (SI), international premiere: Locarno Festival 2018
  • * 'HOME OF THE RESISTANCE', director: Ivan Ramljak, documentary, 49', Restart (HR), Academy of Dramatic Art (HR), world premiere: Cinema du Reel 2018
  • * 'MEZOSTAJUN', director: Ivan Ramljak, documentary, 20’, 2018, Restart (HR)
  • * 'PLAYING MEN', director: Matjaž Ivanišin, documentary, 60', 2017, Nosorogi (SI), Restart (HR), world premiere: Fid Marseille 2017
  • * 'SHIPS STILL DON’T COME ASHORE', director: Ivan Ramljak, experimental, 3’, 2017., Restart (HR)
  • * 'MY LIFE WITHOUT AIR', director: Bojana Burnać, documentary, 72', 2017, Restart (HR), world premiere: Hot Docs 2017
  • * 'FUNNE: SEA DREAMING GIRLS', director: Katia Bernardi, documentary, 80'/52', 2016, EiE Film, Jump Cut, Chocolat (IT), Restart (HR), world premiere: Rome Film Festival 2016
  • * 'HALF A MAN', director: Kristina Kumrić, short fiction, 20', 2016; Restart (HR), Melocoton Films (FR), Kinoljetka (HR) world premiere: Toronto Film Festival 2016
  • * 'MY WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN', director: Petra Seliškar, documentary, 74'/52', 2016, Petra Pan Film Production (SI), PPFP (MK), Restart (HR)
  • * 'WALL OF DEATH AND ALL THAT', director: Mladen Kovačević, documentary, 60', 2016, Horopter Films (RS), Restart (HR); world premiere: Visions du Reel 2016
  • * 'UNITED FRONT OF OPPORTUNISTS', directors: Vedran Senjanović, Dejan Oblak, documentary, 44', 2016, Restart (HR), TV Student (HR)
  • * 'SOMETHING ABOUT LIFE', director: Nebojša Slijepčević, documentary, 30', 2016, Restart (HR) international premiere: DokuFest 2016
  • * 'ISLANDS OF FORGOTTEN CINEMAS', director: Ivan Ramljak, documentary, 35', 2016, Restart (HR), international premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival 2016
  • * 'ALL STILL ORBIT', directors: Dane Komljen and James Lattimer, experimental documentary, 23', 2016, Restart (HR), Dart Film (RS), James Lattimer (DE), Flvmina Creative Production (BR), world premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016
  • * 'ABIDANCE', directors: Anja Strelec and Tomislava Jukic, documenary, 44', 2016, Restart (HR)
  • 'TINY BIRD', director: Dane Komljen, experimental documentary, 32', 2013, Restart (HR), Projekt Antibiotik (HR), Dane Komljen (RS), world premiere: Fid Marseille 2013
  • * 'MOTHER EUROPE', director: Petra Seliškar, documentary, 90', 2013, Petra Pan Film Production (SI), PPFP (MK), Restart (HR), Restart (SI) 
  • * 'GANGSTER OF LOVE', director: Nebojša Slijepčević, documentary, 80’/58’, 2013, Restart (HR), Kloos & Co. (DE), ZDF/ARTE (DE), Sub-Cult-Ura Films (RO), Fade In (HR), international premiere: Hot Docs 2013  
  • * 'SALT, OLIVE, STONE', director: Branko Vilus, documentary, 20’, 2013, Restart (HR)
  • * 'REAL MAN’S FILM', director: Nebojša Slijepčević, documentary, 12’, 2012, Restart (HR), world premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival 2012              
  • * 'I’M NOBODY', directors: Barbara Matejčić and Nina Urumov, documentary, 15’, 2012, Restart (HR), Zavod voluntariat (SI), CK13 (RS)                                                                                                                                                
  • * 'THE BLOCKADE', director: Igor Bezinović, documentary, 93’, 2012, Restart (HR), Factum (HR), world premiere: ZagrebDox 2012                                                                                                                            
  • * 'THE CELTS', director: Đuro Gavran, feature documentary, 25’, 2011, Restart (HR), Acadey of Dramatic Art (HR), world premiere: ZagrebDox 2011
  • * 'AN ENCOUNTER', director: Igor Bezinović, documentary, 27’, 2009/2010; international premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010
  • * 'NON-RECYCLABLE', director: Igor Bezinović, documentary 17’, 2009, Restart (HR)
  • * 'CROATIA E(N)DEN ON EARTH', director: Oliver Sertić, documentary, 31', 2006/2007, Restart (HR), Center for Peace Studies (HR), Fade In (HR)    


Filmography of Restart Laboratory (production of debutant directors):



Restart Laboratory is a continuous program of education and technical help to the first time directors and authors in Croatia in order to facilitate them to make their first documentary film. It is important to us to offer professional help and mentorship to anybody who has a great idea and wants to realize it as documentary film. Laboratory is mainly reserved for people that already attended our “School of documentary films” but have a wish to profound their knowledge and get more practice. Laboratory is a constant educational program that takes place in regular rhythm in which debutant author with the guidance of his mentor (film professional) realizes his documentary film from the preproduction phase to the point of the film distribution.              



Restart Label is Restart’s project focused on publishing and distribution of creative documentaries on the territory of ex Yugoslavia. Distribution of documentaries is focused on cinemas, televisions, VOD, film festivals, libraries, NGO associations and different stores and shops. On the basis of Restart’s initiative we’ve founded distribution network that contains partners in every ex-Yugoslavian country. Our partners are: in Slovenia “Demiurg”, in Serbia “Fond B92/Free Zone Festival” and “Delta Video”, in Kosovo “Dokufest”, in Bosnia “Obala Art Centar / Sarajevo film festival”, In Macedonia “Makedox” and in Montenegro “Underhill”. The partnership is based on collaboration in buying films and distribution process, as well as fundraising and professional representation of our region. From January 2009 to 2015 we have accomplished and finished distribution process of more then 50 creative documentaries.  



Dokukino is a unique theatre specializing exclusively in screening of documentary films. It’s located in the centre of Zagreb. Dokukino is following the world trends in documentary scene and bringing to our audience the latest and most interesting documentary titles. Besides the regular distribution of documentaries the theatre follows the entire regional festivals documentary program in consultation with the organizers and producers of films, in order to bring the most important titles on the screen. In Dokukino we are giving greater visibility to local and regional authors, the program is of national copyright and retrospection. Besides the quality of program, our desire is to ensure quality of screenings. With café cinema club in front of the theatre, Dokukino is an additional space for educational facilities and documentary workshops. Our goal is to make Dokukino a central gathering place for documentaries in our region.



Restart’s most ambitious educational program is “School of Documentary Films” – an extended 4 months workshop dedicated to the whole production process of making creative, author driven documentary films.
In Dokukino we are also organizing masterclasses and lectures of successful documentary film professionals from all over the world. Those lectures are aimed to develop the knowledge of local filmmakers about contemporary documentary filmmaking. Another educational program in Dokukino is “Hall of Fame” – lectures and screenings of historically famous documentary films that changed the form of documentaries.
From 2003 to 2015 through many different educational programs we have maintained over 200 documentary workshops, which were held in more than 50 cities and in which participated about 3500 people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Kosovo and Serbia.





The school of documentary film

Škola dokumentarnog filma
The school of documentary film is taking place in Zagreb once a year and it is conceived as an intensive programme held by international tutors as well as those from Restart. They will be teaching the participants about basic and advanced skills needed to make their own documentary film.


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