Laboratory - Finished films - BOJAN


2010., short documentary, director: Đuro Gavran, 13 min.


BOJAN from Restart on Vimeo.

Matija and Bojan grew up together. Their friendship ended abruptly when Bojan and his family left the flat where they had been living until then. They left overnight and without a goodbye.  It was the beginning of 1990s, and they were ''politically unsuitable''. They had the wrong ethnicity.  Matija was too young to understand the war situation and why he lost a friend. 15 years later he decides to search for him. 

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General data

Director and cinematographer: Đuro Gavran
Editor: Iva Mrkić
Music: Nenad Kovačić
Producer: Oliver Sertić
Production: Restart Laboratory


Shooting Format: DVCam