Production - Finished films_feature - DAYS OF MADNESS


2018, feature documentary, director: Damian Nenadić, 74 min.
Restart (HR) in co-production with Petra Pan Film (SI)


What if we are actually not insane?

Days of Madness_teaser from Restart on Vimeo.

Days of Madness portray an incredible odyssey of two mentally diverse and unjustly rejected people who are learning to accept their diversity, faced with the blindness of the society that branded them as hopeless too easily and the health system that made them addicts.

Days of Madness is a participatory-observational documentary taking us to the otherwise hidden and to most people abject world of the mentally different, easily rejected by society and branded as mental patients. Mladen and Maja enter their mature years haunted by demons of the past and countless drugs given to them by psychiatrists instead of conversation. The community responded to their burden of dysfunctional family past ruthlessly, with moral hypocrisy, turning them to the mercy of the health system which made them addicts. With subtle vibrancy, Days of Madness register their lonely daily life caught in the vicious circle of rejection and guilt, as well as an attempt to find a little corner of their own in the society that rejected them. On this road they will have to face their own ghosts of the past and the kings of the present, who call demonic everything they do not understand. Mladen and Maja will say their final NO to the doctors and take their health into their own hands, finally ready to share their painful odyssey with others. Through admirably captured moments of two almost lost lives, we need to ask ourselves the question – who is in fact mad here?

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General data

director and scriptwriter: Damian Nenadić
producer: Oliver Sertić
co-producer: Petra Seliškar
cinematographers: Maja Šćukanec, Mladen Bađun, Srđan Kovačević, Damian Nenadić
editor: Sandra Bastašić
executive producers: Tibor Keser, Brand Ferro
sound designer: Martin Semenčić
music: Miro Manojlović, Filip Sertić
re-recording mixers: Julij Zornik, Ivan Zelić
color grading: Jure Teržan
associate producer: Vanja Jambrović

production: Restart (HR)
co-production: Petra Pan Film (SI)

shooting locations: Zagreb and surroundings, Slovenia
shooting technique: HD, HDV, DV (private footages filmed by protagonists)

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