Laboratory - In production - SPRINKLING


documentary short, director: Petra Slobodnjak


In some parts of central, eastern and northwestern Croatia mother and her newborn baby’s homecoming from the hospital is accompanied by a custom known as sprinkling. Relatives, friends and neighbors express their joy by sprinkling of feathers and paper materials over the yard, and unusual pranks are expected as part of the celebration. This custom has no written rules, and is thus carried out in different ways. The turn of events depends on the sprinklers’ creativity. 

About author

General data

Director: Petra Slobodnjak 
Producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser, Oliver Sertić   
Cinematographer: Bojan Mrđenović  
Mentor: Nebojša Slijepčević

Restart laboratory

Expected running time: 20 minutes
Year: 2019