Production - In production - LOOKING FOR HER


2023, short experimental documentary, director: Sabina Mikelic  


Women from all over the world have arrived in the Netherlands in search of a better life. The filmmaker is one of them. She is deeply convinced that she no longer belongs anywhere, neither to her homeland in Croatia, nor to the country to which she moved. Guided by a desire for a sense of belonging, she enrolls in a Dutch course where she meets Sannimari, a girl from Finland. Through companionship, they both learn to share the same sense of loneliness and loss of identity. On the other hand, both are aware of the well-being of life in a country that is more economically developed than their homeland. In the film, we meet women like Sannimari, women of different backgrounds, races, professions and ages, who share a common place, a place in which they seek their place. Guided by the power of these women and their worldviews, this film becomes a polyphony of their voices: with their different voices they compose a song; song and movie tune. The film tells the story, but it also offers revelations. It reveals the cooperation of women, the collaboration of the director and women, the methodology of filmmaking, but the relationship of man to his environment, landscape, nature and place in the world, which is one of the most relevant questions of the moment.

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General data

Director and scriptwriter: Sabina Mikelić  

Producer: Vanja Jambrović

Production manager: Maja Čuljak

Previous working title: Leopoldina
Expected duration: 20 min.
Expected premiere: 2022