Production - Finished films_feature - FUNNE: SEA DREAMING GIRLS


2016., feature documentary, director: Katia Bernardi, 77 min. 
EiE Film (IT), Jump Cut (IT) & Chocolat (IT) in co-production with Restart (HR)


Funne: Djevojke koje sanjaju more - trailer from Restart on Vimeo.

The story of twelve eighty-year-old “girls” from a remote Italian mountain village, who decide to brave rheumatism, fears and economic crisis in order to go to Croatian seaside for the very first time. A journey into a community of women determined to do anything – even to pose for a calendar or challenge the Internet – just to dip their feet into the sea.  



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General data

Director and scriptwriter: Katia Bernardi
DOP: Nicola Cattani, Simone Cargnoni, Sebastiano Luca Insinga 
Editor: Diego Volpi
Sound designer: Giovanni Buccomino 
Music: Matej Meštrović, Andrea Gattico, Vincenzo Marando

Producers: Alessandro Carroli, (EiE Film, Italy), Luigi Pepe (Jump Cut, Italy), Katia Bernardi (Chocolat, Italy)
Co-producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser (Restart, Croatia)

Year: 2016.
Duration: 77 min.