Production - Finished films_short - MEZOSTAJUN


2018, short experimental documentary, director: Ivan Ramljak, 20 min.


“Mezostajun” is an experimental documentary film, exploring spatiotemporal relations in a Mediterranean city in which the role of city’s public spaces in people’s lives varies greatly, depending on the season of the year. Elements of summer and winter are cinematically interlaced, and create in the viewers’ perception a new existential interspace called ‘’mezostajun’’.

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General data

director and scriptwriter: Ivan Ramljak
producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser
DOP: Smiljka Guštak
editors: Damir Čučić, Jelena Maksimović
sound recordist: Ivan Ramljak
sound designer: Jakov Munižaba
colorist: Tomislav Stojanović
graphic designer: Tomislav Vranić
associate producer: Oliver Sertić