Laboratory - In production - SHEHE


2022, documentary short, director: Dragutin Kliček 


"SheHe" is a story about the transformation of a transgender person: Anita becomes Saša. In this documentary film we follow a couple in which one of the partners is a transgender person who is about to start a process of operations and hormone therapies. We follow this process through a ‘’video diary’’ shot by himself/herself, with added situations recorded by the film crew. Thus we see a story unfolding, about all the challenges a person in the process of changing sex in today’s Croatia must confront.

About author

General data

Director: Dragutin Kliček  
Producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser, Oliver Sertić   
Cinematographer: Bojan Mrđenović    
Mentor: Iva Kraljević
Main characters: Saša Gašpić and Petra Bukvić  
Production: Restart laboratory 

Year: 2021