Production - In production - SNAJKA: DIARY OF EXPECTATIONS


(former title: Bride in Search of Happiness)
2023, a feature documentary, director: Tea Vidović Dalipi
Restart (HR) in co-production with STEfilm (IT) & Möbius (XS)



BRIDE IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS - trailer from Restart on Vimeo.

Bride in Search of Happiness is a participative-observational documentary about a just married Croatian-Roma couple, Tea and Mirsad, and their attempt at a life together, suspended between expectations from families and communities in culturally irreconcilable backgrounds that do not accept diversities.

Mirsad comes from an extremely traditional Ashkali (Roma) family from Kosovo and Tea stems from a modern, urban family from a small town near Zagreb. Two completely different cultures with their traditions and long built expectations of what a spouse should be like met on an uncharted territory. Mirsad and Tea hence became 'brides' and started living lives full of attempts to convert, social unacceptance, and mutual questioning what is best for them. Regardless of the unconditional love and tolerance, their mutual expectations, deeply rooted in their background and culture, but also in a latent attempt at 'somehow meeting the expectations from the environment' slowly rise to the surface. Remarkable scenes of intimate conversations full of hidden messages and silence in the lack of better words take it in turns with open conflicts with their families in their efforts to be accepted. Will the situation finally calm down when Mirsad begins playing with a famous band in Zagreb, which might bring financial stability, and Tea agrees to a proper Roma wedding in Kosovo, with all the traditions not to embarrass Mirsad's family? Bride in Search of Happiness is an honest, emotional and direct view on the world of diversities and dramatic decisions, for the very first time, live from the newlyweds' bedroom.

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General data

Director and screenwriter: Tea Vidović Dalipi
DOP: Dinka Radonić, Tea Vidović Dalipi
Editor: Jelena Maksimović
Sound recordist: Hrvoje Radnić

Executive producers: (Vedran Senjanović), Oliver Sertić
Executive producer (development): Tibor Keser
Associate producer: Vanja Jambrović
Production assistants: Zrinka Košar, Suzana Erbežnik
Producer: Oliver Sertić
Co-producers: Stefano Tealdi, Bujar Kabashi

Production: Restart (HR)
Co-production: STEfilm (IT), Möbius (XS)

original title: SNAJKA TRAŽI SREĆU
original languages: Croatian, Albanian, English, Roma