Production - In production - LEARNING TO WALK 2


2023, mid-length documentary, director: Jelena Novaković
Restart in co-production with Zagreb Film (HR)


Learning to Walk 2_teaser from Restart on Vimeo.

Relentlessly fighting against oblivion, the great master of international animation, Borivoj Dovniković – Bordo, was writing down for months everything he could remember, and then it all got deleted. The creative team of this documentary got a unique chance to take part in the renewal of the most intimate memories from the personal and critical, sometimes stubborn life of a legend, drawing on a subtle connection with his finest works.

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General data

Director: Jelena Novaković
Screenwriters: Jelena Novaković, Drago Kekanović
Cinematographer: Damian Nenadić
Editor: Marija Kovačina
Sound recordist: Matija Santro, Jelena Novaković

Associate producer: Vanja Jambrović
Production assistant: Zrinka Košar

Producer: Oliver Sertić
Co-producer: Vinko Brešan
Production: Restart (HR)
Co-production: Zagreb Film (HR)