Production - Finished films_short - HOME OF THE RESISTANCE


2018, mid-length documentary, director: Ivan Ramljak, 49 min.
Academy of Dramatic Art (HR) in co-production with Restart


Dom boraca / Home of the Resistance (2018, red./dir. Ivan Ramljak, 49 min) trailer HR from Restart on Vimeo.

In 1974 communist authorities built the so-called ‘Memorial Home for WWII Resistance Fighters and Youth of Yugoslavia’ in Kumrovec, a tiny rural hometown of the legendary president Marshal Tito. In 1991, when Yugoslavia collapsed 11 years after Tito’s death and the Croatian War of Independence started, the Memorial Home was closed, and it remained closed until today. Several attempts to repurpose the building have failed. Still, some fighters remain...

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General data

Director and scriptwriter: Ivan Ramljak
Cinematographer: Jurica Marković
Editor: Ivor Šonje
Sound designer and mix: Borna Buljević
Sound recordists: Emma Teur, Hrvoje Radnić, Sunčica Ana Veldić, Tihomir Vrbanec, Leo Vidmar
Producer: Tibor Keser
Co-producer: Vanja Jambrović
Production: Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb (ADU) 
in co-production with Restart