Laboratory - Finished films - BOSNIAN BROADWAY


2021, short documentary, director: Jasmina Beširević


Sixteen young actors have been selected to participate in a Broadway musical that established American artists are putting on in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of them are dreaming about a career outside this region and all of them begin rehearsals with great enthusiasm and expectations. However, as the premiere approaches, their mood begins to change as they become aware that they will soon return their „regular“ life.

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General data

Scriptwriter, director and cinematographer: Jasmina Beširević
Editor: Iva Ivan
Producers: Tibor Keser, Vanja Jambrović
Sound editor: Nina Ugrinović
Sound mix: Luka Grubišić Čabo
Color correction: Eclectica
Graphic designer: Sara Pavleković Preis   
Assistent producer: Luana Lojić
Mentor in "Restart Laboratory": Nebojša Slijepčević
Associate producer: Oliver Sertić  
Production: Restart laboratory