Production - Finished films_short - BABAJANJA


2022, documentary, director: Ante Zlatko Stolica, 13 min.

BABAJANJA - kratki horor esej / a short documentary horror / trailer from Restart on Vimeo.

"Babajanja" is a poetic horror-documentary about discrimination - told from the perspective of the abuser who is also the author of the film. The film begins as a horror movie in which the author deals with his childhood demons. In the second part the story changes focus towards discrimination and intolerance. That turn is followed by another - in the first part the author is the victim, and the demon the agressor, while by the end of the film we realize that maybe the situation can be understood differently.

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General data

Director and scriptwriter: Ante Zlatko Stolica
Cinematographer: Katarina Zlatec
Editor: Iva Ivan 
Sound editor and composer: Hrvoje Nikšić 
Producer: Tibor Keser
Production: Restart