Production - In pre-In production - BUBBY DREAMS IN GREEN


2022., mid-length documentary, director: Ranko Pauković 
Restart in co-production with Dokument Sarajevo (BA)


Bubby is a former miner with an incredible natural talent for painting. After an accident he lost one eye, and is now gradually losing sight in his remaining eye. At his new workplace there is not much work, so all days long he paints magical landscapes and still lives. The film about Bubby is a story about horrifying consequences of using coal upon lives of people who mine it, as well as of people who are forced to breathe it in, and that's all of us.


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General data

Director: Ranko Pauković
Scriptwriter: Ranko Pauković 
Producer: Vanja Jambrović
Co-producer: Alem Babić (Dokument Sarajevo), Bosnia and Herzegovina

Expected duration: 60 min. 
Expected premiere: 2021.