Production - In pre-In production - THE LAND WE BREATHE


2024/2025, feature documentary, director: Manuel Inacker
Restart (HR) in co-production with Achtung Panda! (DE)


How it feels to live in a world that is changing faster than we would like? The film traces global conflicts in the local, which are made visible along the course of the river Krka in Croatia and through its inhabitants, as if under a burning glass: A hauntingly beautiful, but also fragile microcosm, which within a few years has been transformed from a bloody civil war country into a paradise for tourists. In the complex of war traumas, the effects of mass tourism and migration, the climate crisis can already be felt here in the present. Based on precise everyday observations spanning the period of four seasons, the film traces a pattern: The dysfunctional relationship between man and nature. Unpredictable natural phenomena slowly gain the upper hand. Raging flash floods inundate the monastery in autumn. Whipping winds pursue the shepherd. In the sweltering summer heat, massive bushfires threaten mass tourism, which has spiraled out of control. In the neighboring snow-white mountain region on the Croatian-Bosnian border not far from the river's source, migrants try to reach European soil. A dark foreboding seeps through each image: Will the river's inhabitants also have to leave their homes in a few decades due to the drastic climate conditions?

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General data

Director and screenwritter: Manuel Inacker
Cinematographers: Boris Poljak, Falco Seliger
Researcher and assistant director: Ana Marija Marinov

Production: Ana Marija Marinov, Zrinka Košar
Associate producer: Vanja Jambrović
Producer: Oliver Sertić
Co-producers: Jamila Wenske, Melanie Blocksdorf
Production: Restart (HR)
Co-production: Achtung Panda (DE)