Production - Finished films_short - I AM NOBODY


2012, short documentary, directors: Barbara Matejčić & Nina Urumov, 15 min.
Restart (HR) in co-production with Zavod voluntariat (SI) & CK13 (RS)


If you had to leave your home in fear for your life, what would you take with you? They know the answer. They lost everything. They feel like nobody and nothing, while others decide about their future. They are the asylum seekers in a country that doesn't like foreigners.

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General data

Director: Barbara Matejčić and Nina Urumov
Cinematographers: Nina Urumov, Barbara Matejčić
Editor: Sandra Bastašić
Producer: Oliver Sertić, Ana Hušman
Mentors: Ana Hušman, Nebojša Slijepčević, Elida Mesaros Lajko, Romana Zajec
Production company: Restart, Zavod Voluntariat, Omladinski centar Ck13
Duration: 15 min.
Year: 2012.
Shooting Format: hd