Production - Finished films_short - AN ENCOUNTER


2010., short documentary, director: Igor Bezinović, 27 min.


SUSRET / AN ENCOUNTER from Restart on Vimeo.

Imagine joint demonstrations of students and farmers! Such an improbable encounter happened on the Feast of Corpus Christi in 2009 on Vukovarska street in Zagreb, when students from Faculty of Social Sciences came to support the farmers’ demonstrations in front of the building of Ministry of Agriculture. In spite of the fact that this event was present in all the media, this film is the only video recording of this unusual one-day encounter of students and farmers. Euphoric student night and sobering farmers' day; media-conscious activism and heavy machines on the streets; plenary form of organization and quarrelling farmers’ associations - these are just some of the manifestations of this unexpected alliance.


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General data


Director and cinematographer: Igor Bezinović
Producer: Oliver Sertić
Editor: Iva Mrkić
Music: Dario Plevnik and ‘Najbolji hrvatski tamburaši’
Sound design and sound mix: Tonči Tafra
Production company: Restart

Duration: 27'
Year: 2009. / 2010.
Shooting Format: DV