News - Cinema release of "Museum of the Revolution" in Germany

Cinema release of "Museum of the Revolution" in Germany

Monday, 05.09.2022

The documentary film "Museum of Revolution" by Srđan Keča, produced by Restart, will have a cinema distribution in German cinemas in September 2022. The German distribution partner is Deja-vu Film from Hamburg. Cinema distribution is planned in at least 6 different cities in Germany, and the selection of cinema halls is planned in different parts of the country – Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Ochsenfurt and Weingarten. On the occasion of the cinema distribution, a whole series of reviews of the film were published in the German media, which you can read if you click the button „more“ below this news. 

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The school of documentary film is taking place in Zagreb once a year and it is conceived as an intensive programme held by international tutors as well as those from Restart. They will be teaching the participants about basic and advanced skills needed to make their own documentary film.


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